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TOT BJtoHX ¥ALLABHIS,                                         199

" Sri Riipa and San&tan and Sri Jiva Grosiio. were as a deep lake filled with
water of devotion. With them prayer was ever ripe and ia season and never
bitter to the taste. Firmly fixed at BriEda-baHj fail of deYotion to iihe feet of
iihe dual gody with their hands writing "books and with their soul fixed on £he
formless idea, they held in their grasp all the essence of divine love, able to
resolre the mysteries of the scriptures^ worshippers of the all-blissful^ ever
staunch in faith. Sri Siipa and San&tan and Sri JITS G-os&In were as & deep
lake filed with water of devotion.
" These are they who met together at Brinda-ban and tasted all its sweet-
ness. Gopal Bhatt, who beautified the temple of Radha Bainan with all that
he possessed ; Hrishikes and Bhagavan D4s and Bfthal-vipnl, that ocean of
gtace : Jagannath of Thanesar ; the great sage Loknafch ', Madhn and Sri
Rypg ; the two Fandits named Krishan DaSy who had mastered Hari in all Ms
parts ; Ghamandij servant of Jogal Kishor, and Bhiigarbha? the rigid ascetic.
These are they who met together at Brinda-ban and tasted all its sweetness."
The founder of iihe BadM Vallabhis was by name Hari Tans, His father,
Yyasa-y was a Granr Brahman of DeYa-ban in the Sah^ranpur district^ who had
long been childless. He .was in the semce of the Emperor and on one occa-
sion was attending Mm on the march from Agra7 when at last his wife, Tara,
gare birth to a son at the little village of Bad? near Mathura5 in the Sambat
year 1559. In grateful recognition of their answered prayers^ the parents
named the chid after the god they had invoked, and called him Hari Tans, i.e.,
Harfs issue. When lie had grown np3 he took to Mmself a wife, by name
Bnkminij and had by her two sons and one daughter. Of the SOBS^ the elder,
Holiam Chandj died childless ; the descendants of the yonBge?5 Gopiaath, are
stil at Bevaban. After settling the daughter in marriage^ lie deter miapd to
abandon iihe world and lead the life of an ascetic. With this resolution lie set
eoi alone on ike rcmd to Brind&-bati and tad reached
wten there met Mm a Brihman^ who presented him mtlb his hr o daughters
insisted upon Ms manying them, on the strength, of a dirbte cafamKidj -which
he said he hai reedrred in aYision. He farther               an           of
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